Monday, 23 September 2013

make your own bootanimations

hey guys today i will show u how to make ur own bootanimation easily

lets understand parts of bootanimation
it contains folder in parts ie part01 part 02 and so on to add a loop
a desc.txt file where bootanimation commands are stored

first of all u need to have the following softwares:
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Needed for Boot Animation Creator)

free vedio cutter

Video to JPG Converter

FastStone Photo Resizer

Boot Animation Creator


after u have the above softwares follow the procedure

first of all u need to cut the vedio as per your wish (always good to make sure that vedio does not exceed 15 sec)

then open vedio to jpg convertor
  select add files
  select vedio
  select every frame
  select convert

now next step is to rename photos to 001 002 and so on
with fastone photo resizer u can do it easily

  select batch rename
  add files
  select rename
next step is to resize the photos
  select batch resize
  add  files
  select advance
  do changes
  select convert

now u are with photos to be put in parts
make folder PARTS and inside it two folders  part 01 part 02 till u want
add images in part 01 and part 02
this will also tell loops to have

now to make it as zip file
  open bootanimation creator
  select choose folder
  choose parts folder
  now define the size and fps of the bootanimation

  add loops 1 to part01 and 0 to part 02 (0 = infinite)
  select next
  select save
  save as bootanimation

now when u have the zip file u can place the zip in system/media with root explorer
and set permissions to rw-r--r--

this way u can make ur own bootanimation easily
visit my bootanimations made using this technique
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