Friday, 4 October 2013

some tips for ace plus

hey guys i want to share with you some tips to make your ace plus faster based on my personal experience

1. Use seeder
       u need root

     seeder is an entropy generator introduces performance tuning, power management control, and an optional MMC I/O queue extension/timing change.
u can always free your ram

2. Never use apps like task killer applications because samsung knows well

3.Root your phone
   well there are ways to make ace plus faster without rooting galaxy ace plus but rooting will give you full control over ace plus and with this you can remove bloatware from your phone and make it faster

4.Install needed apps
   Dont install apps you dont need. This will help to preserve space in your phone memory also

5.Install apps to sd card
   Installing apps to sd card will free your phone memory and make phone faster

By these ways u can make your galaxy ace plus faster 
u can always free your ram

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