Friday, 4 October 2013

free your ram

By this way way you can have your ram 190+ mb free!!
this works on any rom, kernel
i know some custom roms give more ram free but this is useful for more better performance
try this its harmless

I want to share it with u

here is how i did it:
You need titanium backup pro
open it 
select backup and restore
search for following applications and freeze them (select application and select freeze) as per your need

google talk
social hub
news and weather
samsung apps
facebook (if installed)
whats app(if installed)
we chat(if installed)
swipe and share(if installed)

software update
(these applications and services are those that run in background and consume ram)
After this clear your ram
Be patient as it may not work for the first time
clear ram again
It should work

You can always defrost applications or services if u want them back

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